Geophysical Instrument Pool Potsdam

Application for rental of instruments from the Geophysical Instrument Pool

Date: 07.08.2020 22:30 h
1. Project
name (max. 300 characters): short name (min. 4 /max. 45 characters):

2. Applicant
name: institut:
e-mail: e-mail (repetition):

3. Co-applicant(s)
name: institut:

4. Target dates
preferred alternative
pick up: (at GFZ)
return: (at GFZ)

5. Requested Instrument Type
recorder typ *): quantity: seismometer typ: quantity:

Accessories: disks, cables, solarpanels, ... (please don't use ";" or "CR/LF" in your list)

6. Funding:
Application has been submitted
when: where: approval expected until:

The funds are probably available from

7. Shore description of the project (scientific aim; min. 50 / max. 250 characters)

Center coordinates (WGS 84)
° °
±dd.dd ±ddd.dd

8. Attachment

A short outline of the project (max. 2 pages), including
- map of the profile/station deployment
- time plan of deployment
- preparatory work (reconnaissance work)
*) - An additional explenation, if you request Cube recorders for longer than 4 weeks!

Compress the attachment - max. 30 MB - as '*.zip' or '*.tar' and upload it in the following lines.

(Please sent larger files (i.e. maps) as a response to the confirmation e-mail.)